20 Gabi

Gabi Roth
Assistant Accounting

Hello! My name is Gabi Roth. I have been working as an administrator in the accounts department at Kägi Söhne AG in Lichtensteig since March 2000. I am responsible for entering the accounts receivable, issuing reminders, managing cashbooks and tracking creditors’ invoices including allocating, entering and paying these invoices. I also deal with any other work which crops up to do with accounting, help with the payroll where necessary and look after the trainees in our department.

I like this job because it is varied and interesting, because I like precise work and I am also able to work very independently.

Above all, I like our great team and the way we get on together. That makes work really fun. Every day gives me pleasure and makes me feel proud to work for such a great company which makes such good products.