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Kägi Swiss Quality

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Tried and tested recipes since 1934
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Certified palm oil (RSPO)

Quality pledge

Our roots lie in our home region of Toggenburg, an unspoilt landscape nestled between the Säntis Massif and the peaks of the seven Churfirsten. We feel a strong commitment both to this region with its exceptional natural scenery and to our love of Switzerland, which is why we also produce 100% of our wafer specialities and house chocolate here.

And yet Switzerland is not just the home we love, but is also home to exceptionally high-quality agricultural products. We use regional raw materials produced in Switzerland wherever possible, such as flour, butter and milk powder. This has the added benefit of keeping transport distances as short as possible.

But for us at Kägi, Swissness also means demanding the highest standards in our quality systems. We perform extensive quality controls on all ingredients and throughout the entire production process, right up to the finished wafer. Our quality assurance system is certified to the internationally recognised FSSC (Food Safety System Certification 22000) standard and covers all relevant quality criteria and requirements for hygiene and product safety.

Swiss Origin

As an old-established Swiss company, we use selected Swiss ingredients wherever we can. Kägi is based in the Toggenburg region, an unspoilt landscape, nestling between the Säntis massif and the seven peaks of the Churfirsten. We feel particularly committed to our home region, for which reason we make all Kägi products in the Toggenburg. Because Switzerland is our homeland, because it produces exceptionally high-quality agricultural products and we want to keep the transport routes as short as possible, we use Swiss raw

materials wherever possible (e.g. flour, butter, milk powder). At Kägi however, Swissness also means setting the highest possible standards for our quality systems. We conduct extensive quality checks on all ingredients and throughout the production process up to our finished products. Our quality assurance system is certified in accordance with the internationally recognised Norm FSSC (Food Saftey System Certification 22000) and covers all relevant quality criteria and requirements concerning hygiene and product safety.


To ensure that our wafers not only offer utmost indulgence, exquisite taste and supreme Kägi quality, but also fulfil high social and ecological standards, we source our raw materials responsibly.

As a small manufacturer, we are guided by established sustainability standards that are verified by internationally recognised organisations.

In association with like-minded organisations and companies, we also do what we can to exert an influence on aspects outside our direct sphere of activity and contribute to a more sustainable future.

Our raw materials

The cocoa bean grows in the tropics, mainly in Africa and South America. The cocoa pods are cut from the tree with a machete and the ripe seeds laid out in the sun to dry. Then they are fermented and dried again. Only the best beans are good enough for the fine chocolate coating of the Kägi and nimble hands pack the fresh delicacies into sacks. They are then sent on their long sea voyage to Europe and then on to Lichtensteig in Switzerland.

100% sustainable palm oil

Palm oil is one of the most important natural vegetable oils and has been used around the world for centuries. It is taste-neutral, heat-stable and has a long shelf life, as well as being extremely economical to use. There are also a number of concerns, however, that detract from its positive qualities. This was why, as far back as 2012, we decided to use palm oil from sustainable sources only. Even though we are a small manufacturer, we would like to make any contribution we can to curbing the illegal deforestation of rainforests and the negative impact this has on society, the environment and the climate.

The palm oil we use comes 100% from traceable, RSPO-certified sources and meets the standards of the ‚Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil‘ (100% RSPO segregated with a UTZ-based monitoring system, check our progress at www.rspo.org). According to the RSPO criteria, certified palm oil plantations may not clear tropical forests, must operate in accordance with national laws and must maintain fair and safe working conditions. Other requirements include the preservation of biodiversity, minimal use of chemicals and respect for land rights.

In addition to this, our suppliers are audited by the NGO ‘The Forest Trust’ (TFT) for criteria not covered by the RSPO standards, which are all about protecting rainforest, peat soils and ecologically particularly valuable forest areas, as well as endangered animal and plant species.

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Social, animal-friendly and GMO-free

We source the hazelnuts used for our chocolate wafers from Italy, owing to their high quality. Compared to other producer countries, our Italian suppliers also guarantee compliance with established social standards.

We purchase eggs exclusively from suppliers who use animal-friendly barn systems. In addition, all our wafer and cookie specialities are free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and are produced without any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.