20 Ramon

Ramon Baumann
Supply Chain Manager / Head Of Department

My name is Ramon Baumann, I'm very interested in football and, like the Kägi company itself, I come from the Toggenburg region. I have been working as Logistic Manager at Kägi Söhne AG since may 2011.

My team and I ensure that the goods that have been ordered arrive in the right quantity, in the right place, at the right time. For the goods that we send abroad, we usually use containers. However, there are also sometimes smaller orders that we send by air freight. We supply our domestic customers using an outside transport contractor. They collect our ready-packed pallets from us and deliver them to the customer the next day.

It fills me with pride to send our Toggenburg specialities all over Switzerland and to many other countries. It is also always a challenge to use the full capacity of our warehouse. When we have orders from several different countries, as we normally do, I have to keep an eye open to make sure that we observe the FIFO principle.