Kaegi Limited Editions Fruehjahr 2018

Kägi offers the flavours of summer to suit every taste!

Kägi Joghurt-Mango and Kägi Coconut are our stars of the summer this year.

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Autor: Anja, 16. April 2018
Kaegi Lim Ed E

New: Kägi Coconut and Kägi Strawberry

Fruity and fresh for summertime! Try our new limited editions now.

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Autor: Anja, 04. April 2017
Kaegi Schnee Pusten

Enjoy the little moments of happiness

We seem to be constantly searching for true happiness. As soon as we have something, we want more. But what makes us really happy?

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Autor: Anja, 21. March 2017
Schokolade Macht Gluecklich

Why does chocolate make us happy?

We’ve all experienced it: that moment of happiness that chocolate brings! But how does it come about? Kägi has been looking for answers.

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18. January 2017

Häppy Halloween!

No tricks with us – only treats! :) We wish you a spoooooooky-sweet Halloween, and invite you to take a peek behind the scenes of our delightful short Halloween film.

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31. October 2016
Ohne Schokolade Gaebe Es Keine Mikrowelle

If it hadn’t been for chocolate, we wouldn’t have the microwave

Did you know that the way in which the microwave works was discovered by chance thanks to a melted bar of chocolate? You can learn how this happened here in the magazine.

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04. October 2016
Die Sieben Churfirsten Im Toggenburg

The Home of Kägi

Many a time, we will have mentioned that our Kägi manufactory has been based in Toggenburg, an alpine region of Switzerland, for over 80 years. But where is this? And what does it look like? We’re very happy to introduce to you the idyllic home of Kägi.

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22. September 2016
Miro Fur Blog

How to remove chocolate stains

When it comes to chocolate stains, people with a sweet tooth are an especially "at risk" species. However, these stains can be tackled quite effectively with a few simple household products.

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29. June 2016
Schoggi Schuetzt Vor Karies

Chocolate protects against caries

Did you know that the cocoa contained in chocolate is not bad for your teeth? You'll uncover the reason for this here, in the magazine.

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09. June 2016
Selfmade Chocolate

10 things you didn't know about Kägi

There are a few facts and anecdotes to do with our Kägi products that you might not be familiar with. We are going to disclose 10 of them to you here in this article.

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07. April 2016

Thank you for 200'000 Kägi fans!

We have 200'000 reasons to celebrate!!! Since this week, this is the number of fans on the Kägi Facebook page. We at Kägi are very häppy to have such wonderful fans and we just want to say THANK YOU!

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10. March 2016