Enjoy the little moments of happiness

We seem to be constantly searching for true happiness. As soon as we have something, we want more. But what makes us really happy?

Almost everyone is striving to find happiness. The idea is that we can only be happy once a certain goal has been achieved: you work hard to earn lots of money, but then you have no time to enjoy your prosperity; you plan to travel to every country in the world instead of simply enjoying your next holiday; you want to master an instrument perfectly instead of looking forward to evenings playing around the campfire, even though you only know three chords on the guitar.

“We often find happiness in the little things,” wrote Wilhelm Busch. And indeed, in the pursuit of happiness, it is very easy to overlook the moments in the meantime when you are actually simply happy. So what can we do to enjoy these moments to the full? The trick is just to enjoy the moment. Joseph Joubert was well aware of this, saying, “It is usually contemplation that makes us unhappy” – so our tip is this: just switch off and enjoy the moment.

Go outside, get some sunshine and clear your thoughts; spend some time with good friends or your family without looking at the clock; simply escape your daily routine for a short time – this is sure to make you happy. And while you are sharing one of these moments of happiness, why not round it off with a delicious crunch? ;) 

Our second tip: leave a few moments in your everyday schedule that you do not plan, but simply allow to happen. And as Mark Twain advised: “Give every day the chance to become the most beautiful day of your life.” Let’s strive for the little moments of happiness. Because if you enjoy enough little moments of happiness – hey presto – you have achieved great happiness.

Kägi Schneemurmeltier im Toggenburg vor den Churfirsten
21. March 2017