Swiss tradition with Kägi chocolate wafers

We’ve been making our wafer and biscuit specialities for you in Toggenburg region in the Swiss Alps since as far back as 1934. This means that we are firmly rooted in the Toggenburg, and to this day we remain faithful to our traditions. Indeed, with every bite of Kägi you’re getting a little a piece of Switzerland.

cows in Toggenburg

Swiss production and ingredients
Today, Kägi products are found not only in Switzerland but in many countries all around the world. Yet wherever you enjoy a Kägi, one thing always remains the same:
Our products are 100% made in the Toggenburg region in eastern Switzerland.

Throughout, we make sure that whenever possible we use ingredients that originate from Switzerland – the flour for our waffles and biscuits, for example, as well as butter and milk powder. After all, Switzerland is not only our home country but is also a producer of extremely high-quality agricultural products. This also allows us to keep transportation routes as short as possible.

Highest quality in production
The Kägi Swiss Quality also includes an exceptional quality system. For all the ingredients and the entire production process, all the way up to the end products, we conduct extensive quality controls, and the internationally recognised Norm FSSC (Food Saftey System Certification 22000) is testament to the highest standards of hygiene and product safety.

And thus manufacturing, ingredients as well as our quality requirements ensure best Kägi Swiss Quality :) We think you will taste what we mean as soon as you bite into a Kägi!

Get to know the Kägi employees
By the way, at ‘Meet our people’ you can get to know the people that make Kägi what it is. Here, we introduce five of our staff from all areas of the company, and if you drop by often enough you’ll eventually get to know our entire workforce.

Autor: René, 24. April 2014