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Anja Prasse
Lead Digital Marketing & PR

Hello! My name is Anja Prasse and since April 2012, I have been the Community and Social Media Manager, responsible for the electronic Kägi world. I work with Facebook, Twitter & Co., and I am the point of contact for any questions about them which may crop up.

In my work, I really enjoy the direct contact with consumers: I learn a lot about their preferences, needs and wishes and always have my finger on the pulse. It's really fun that with Kägi I can represent a product that I love to eat myself – and the fan community shows that I'm not the only one. Eating Kägi and working for Kägi – it’s sheer pleasure!

The beautiful scenery of the Toggenburg area and Kägi’s traditions, with its old recipes and long-established roots in the region, make an interesting contrast with the rapidly moving online world. In my work, I operate in both dimensions simultaneously, and that is what makes my job very special and gives me fresh enjoyment every day.