Mo P Daniel Becker

Daniel Becker
KVP Manager

Hello, my name is Daniel Becker. I started work at Kägi Söhne AG in May 2009 as a line manager; in 2013 I took over the job of shift supervisor. Thanks to the generous support of Kägi, I completed a 3 year professional development course and graduated as a Swiss-qualified food technologist HF in the summer of 2016. Practically coinciding with this I switched jobs from a production-based post to one in the administrative section as KVP Manager (KVP = German for CIP = Continuous Improvement Process). 

The aim of the KVP Manager is to continuously improve existing processes. A variety of methods including analysis, evaluation, problem solving and subsequent implementation monitoring can be used to achieve this. For targeted, continuous improvement to succeed, an overview of the entire production process must be ensured to allow the possible and also necessary improvement options to be identified, prioritised and implemented. But I am also extremely reliant on the employees.

Larger projects will frequently involve a workshop session involving employees from the affected section. My task in all of this is to produce a comprehensive current-state analysis prior to the workshop, to train the participating employees and to plan for and hold the actual workshop. The aim of such workshops is to find the best possible solution that will provide further benefits to Kägi Söhne AG, but also a solution that will be accepted and actively supported by each of the employees. I enjoy my work greatly; the variety and the independence give me considerable scope for implementing solutions. New challenges present themselves time and again and they also make my work highly interesting and varied. Getting on well with the other employees is important to me and also an essential part of my job. And, naturally, I've had a passion for our products since I was young. It means that I can count myself fortunate to belong to and contribute successfully to the "Kägi family".