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René Süsstrunk

Head of Purchasing

My name is René Süsstrunk and I have been working for Kägi in Toggenburg since 2008.

In my role as Purchasing Manager, firstly I am responsible operationally for ensuring the availability of ingredients, the packaging and various other operating materials. Secondly, I work strategically in the Purchasing department on meeting Kägi’s financial and quality targets.

My work is very varied because it covers many different aspects of buying global commodities such as cocoa beans, vegetable oil and home-grown products such as flour, dairy produce etc., as well as packaging of various kinds that is made from different materials. My many years of experience in the food industry help me to meet the needs of Kägi as well as I can.

I like dealing with different industries and observing market trends, and not only to do with price – for me these are the interesting challenges and good sides of my work.

I enjoy the personal contact with supplier management teams and internal communication with different departments.

I like the fact that, for Kägi, quality is an important factor in its sourcing strategy and that’s an important part of my work. I am proud that I always obtain the ingredients and everything which goes into the excellent Kägi products in the best possible quality. Feeling responsible for the items that are procured, and the end products that are made from them, is important to me and motivates me in my work every day. When I bite into a Kägi product I am always pleased that I have played a part in making these popular specialities.

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