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Frequently asked questions

  • What is the best way to store Kägi products?

    For perfect indulgence, store your Kägi wafers at a room temperature of 16°C to 18°C and avoid rapid and extreme temperature fluctuations. Such care when it comes to storage conditions is something our home-made chocolate really appreciates, and sugar bloom or fat bloom is prevented. Although blooms are harmless, they can change the structure of the wafer surface.

    Since chocolate is light-sensitive, it is best to store individual wafers and opened packs in containers that block out all light. Because the wafer layers do not like moisture or humidity, you should also choose a dry place. In addition, an airtight seal prevents foreign odours from being absorbed.

  • Can I get free samples or promotional material?

    We receive many inquiries for free merchandise. Unfortunately, we are not able to fulfil all these requests. For this reason, we generally do not send out product samples or promotional material.

  • Can I send a sponsorship request to Kägi?

    Are you planning an event and require products from Kägi? Is your club or organisation also based in the Toggenburg region, or is your event taking place in the Toggenburg region? Are you able to pick up the products from Kägi in Lichtensteig? If you can answer YES to all of these questions, send us your sponsorship request using this form. We will be happy to review your request and get back to you in due time. Please note that we cannot consider requests made via other channels.

  • Can I visit the Kägi production facility?

    As we adhere to the highest quality and hygiene standards in the production and processing of our wafers, guided tours and group visits are unfortunately not possible.

    However, you are very welcome to learn more about our history and the production of our little moments of happiness in our Kägi häppiness shop at our site in Lichtensteig SG. Several short films offer insight in this regard.

  • Where can I purchase Kägi products?

    You will find our wafer specialities in numerous grocery stores and in retail and wholesale outlets, as well as in many kiosks and petrol station shops throughout Switzerland. You can also conveniently order a large selection of our products online. The online shops in Switzerland include, or In Germany, you can order from World of (delivers throughout Europe) or Chuchichä, for example. In addition, our products are available from the online shops of grocery stores such as Rewe Online, depending on your region. In Austria, you can find Kägi products at Interspar Online or Billa Online, for example.

    Alternatively, you can simply stop by our shops. Wafer and biscuit fans will find just what they are looking for in our Kägi häppiness shops in Lichtensteig SG and Landquart GR, which also include coffee bars.

  • Can I order products directly from Kägi?

    If certain volume thresholds are met, we can offer you a special range of customisable Kägi products. You can find out all about them on our Kägi promotional items page (German only).

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept orders placed any other way. Kägi also does not have its own online shop.

  • What should I do if, as an exception, something is wrong with a Kägi product?

    As a small chocolaterie in the Toggenburg region, we particularly value feedback from customers on our specialities because offering exquisite indulgence in Kägi quality is our aim. Should a product not meet these expectations, please feel free to contact us.

    To deal with your specific concern, we need the best-before date and the day code of the corresponding product. The latter can be found next to or below the best-before date printed on the packaging. The code consists of around two to four letters and can also contain numbers.

Please do not hesitate to contact us, should you have further questions.Contact us