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Inside the Kägi factory

See what happens inside the Kägi factory: discover how homemade chocolate, crispy wafers and an airy-light filling are all combined to make the classic Kägi wafer speciality.

Homemade chocolate

In the wafer 'bakehouse'

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Exquisite taste experience

An exquisite taste experience is our proof of the highest quality. And the recipe for this is our closely-guarded secret. The care and passion that go into the production of our delicious wafers and chocolate that have been made in the Toggenburg since 1934 are also decisive for their enjoyment.

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One of the most critical steps in the production of chocolate is conching. A conche is shaped like a shell – the Spanish for which is ‘concha’. It consists of the conch wheel, four troughs and four conching rollers.

The chocolate mixture is filled into these troughs and moved, aerated, but also warmed as the result of friction. This refinement process helps to release bitter-tasting substances, allows the chocolate to develop its wonderful flavour and makes it magnificently smooth and silky. Quality, that immediately becomes apparent on being tasted.

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Flour made from sun-ripened ears of wheat, milk powder and egg yolk powder as well as sugar are the main ingredients for our magnificent wafer sheets, the recipe for which Kägi proudly guards.

It takes only a few minutes for the large waffle irons to bake the wonderfully-scented wafer sheets that also give Kägis their special crispness. This wafer expertise has been acquired over many years by Kägi, whilst the traditional production process has undergone continual refinement. The wafer sheets are individually hand-applied to the mousse filling, creating Kägi’s signature layers: crispy baked, light wafers alternate with creamy mousse filling, creating a unique balance when combined with the genuine homemade Swiss chocolate.

Kägi Swiss Quality

Kägi Swiss Quality


Exquisite taste experience
Tried and tested recipes since 1934
Chocolate from our own production


Swiss origin
100% Swiss made


Responsible procurement policy
No artificial flavours / no GMO
Certified palm oil (RSPO)

Quality pledge

As a small Swiss manufacturer, we are passionate about creating the finest wafer specialities for little moments of happiness, all produced in idyllic Toggenburg in uncompromising Swiss Kägi quality. Kägi quality is our promise and a basic prerequisite for supremely indulgent pleasure. The secret of the exquisite Kägi taste experience is founded on the passion and respect of our experienced chocolatiers and pâtissiers, who have upheld the Kägi tradition ever since the manufacturing company was founded in 1934, bringing it up-to-date with modern processes. At the heart of it all are our crispy wafers, our mousse-like filling and our melt-in-the-mouth house Swiss chocolate.

We produce all components with painstaking care in our factory. But another key element of our Swiss Kägi quality is our use of premium-quality ingredients, for which – as far as possible – we source raw materials grown regionally in Switzerland. To ensure that our creations also meet high social and ecological standards, we procure our raw materials responsibly and are guided by established sustainability standards. Because as Kägi Senior himself recognised in 1934: “The quality of the ingredients, work steps and processes is the be-all and end-all.”

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Swiss origins

Our roots lie in our home region of Toggenburg, an unspoilt landscape nestled between the Säntis Massif and the peaks of the seven Churfirsten. We feel a strong commitment both to this region with its exceptional natural scenery and to our love of Switzerland, which is why we also produce 100% of our wafer specialities and house chocolate here. And yet Switzerland is not just the home we love, but is also home to exceptionally high-quality agricultural products. We use regional raw materials produced in Switzerland wherever possible, such as flour, butter and milk powder. This has the added benefit of keeping transport distances as short as possible.

But for us at Kägi, Swissness also means demanding the highest standards in our quality systems. We perform extensive quality controls on all ingredients and throughout the entire production process, right up to the finished wafer. Our quality assurance system is certified to the internationally recognised FSSC (Food Safety System Certification 22000) standard and covers all relevant quality criteria and requirements for hygiene and product safety.


To ensure that our wafers not only offer utmost indulgence, exquisite taste and supreme Kägi quality, but also fulfil high social and ecological standards, we source our raw materials responsibly. As a small manufacturer, we are guided by established sustainability standards that are verified by internationally recognised organisations.

In association with like-minded organisations and companies, we also do what we can to exert an influence on aspects outside our direct sphere of activity and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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Our raw materials

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100% certified cocoa
We use only Rainforest Alliance (formerly UTZ) certified and sustainably grown cocoa as the basis for our homemade chocolate. Buying Rainforest Alliance certified raw materials creates the basis for more sustainable cultivation and better future prospects for farmers, workers and their families worldwide.
As part of the Rainforest Alliance program, smallholders learn farming methods that take care of the environment and the raw materials they grow – a basic prerequisite for improved working, income and living conditions. Higher crop yields with better quality and more stable incomes make a decisive contribution to more sustainable use of the earth’s natural resources.

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In addition to this, our suppliers are audited by the NGO ‘The Forest Trust’ (TFT) for criteria not covered by the RSPO standards, which are all about protecting rainforest, peat soils and ecologically particularly valuable forest areas, as well as endangered animal and plant species.

100% sustainable palm oil

Palm oil is one of the most important natural vegetable oils and has been used around the world for centuries. It is taste-neutral, heat-stable and has a long shelf life, as well as being extremely economical to use. There are also a number of concerns, however, that detract from its positive qualities. This was why, as far back as 2012, we decided to use palm oil from sustainable sources only. Even though we are a small manufacturer, we would like to make any contribution we can to curbing the illegal deforestation of rainforests and the negative impact this has on society, the environment and the climate.

The palm oil we use comes 100% from traceable, RSPO-certified sources and meets the standards of the ‚Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil‘ (100% RSPO segregated with a UTZ-based monitoring system, check our progress at According to the RSPO criteria, certified palm oil plantations may not clear tropical forests, must operate in accordance with national laws and must maintain fair and safe working conditions. Other requirements include the preservation of biodiversity, minimal use of chemicals and respect for land rights.

Social, animal-friendly and GMO-free

We source the hazelnuts used for our chocolate wafers from Italy, owing to their high quality. Compared to other producer countries, our Italian suppliers also guarantee compliance with established social standards.We purchase eggs exclusively from suppliers who use animal-friendly barn systems. In addition, all our wafer and cookie specialities are free from genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and are produced without any artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.