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Made in the Swiss Alpine region called Toggenburg – popular all over the world! In recent decades, the crisp Kägi specialities found their way not only to Switzerland’s neighbours, but also as far afield as the Middle East, Asia and the USA. Even Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe is said to have been a Kägi fan!

In December 1955, a high-quality freight shipment was despatched to Los Angeles via the Panama Canal: 155 cartons full of Kägi products – the family company’s first export delivery.

Fred Hubbs, the importer at that time, not only brought the new Kägi fret* product to America at the end of the 1950s, he also invited celebrities to his home where he plied them with samples of the chocolate-coated wafers. From this day – so the story goes – every time they met, Hollywood icon Marilyn Monroe would ask him: “Do you have it?”Hubbs always countered with a question of his own: “What, cigarettes?”To which she would breathe in her sweet voice: “No, this Swiss-fret!”


20 years later, the daughter of a Japanese importer bit into a crisp Kägi during a visit to Switzerland. She convinced her father to get in touch with our factory. The result was a partnership that has enabled the delicious products to provide Japanese customers with moments of häppiness for around 40 years.

Thus began the journey of the popular chocolate wafer, enjoyed today by Kägi fans all over the globe. Consequently, since 2011, Kägi has had offices in Hong Kong and Dubai in order to be close to the consumers and distribution partners there.

Yet, wherever our Kägi products find their way, one thing they all have in common is their production in the Alpine Toggenburg region. So wherever in the world you enjoy your Kägi, you are also enjoying a little piece of Switzerland with every bite 🙂

*Kägi fret is the original name of our chocolate covered wafers and is still used to this day in Europe.

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