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Hanspeter Scherrer

Head of Production

I am Hanspeter Scherrer, and I have been a Production Manager at Kägi Söhne AG since December 1997. I studied Food Technology (specialising in food preservation and deep freezing) and then took my Federal Diploma. At Kägi Söhne AG I have also learned about making wafers and coatings.

I am responsible for production, technical maintenance and logistics. I coordinate the whole operation, and I’m responsible for procuring new plant and equipment. It’s also my role to meet the needs of our employees in Production as far as possible. At the same time, I’m also the Safety Manager, responsible for safety at Kägi Söhne AG. From my many years of experience at Kägi Söhne AG, I have built up a lot of knowledge which I am happy to share with my colleagues and staff. I also go regularly to a number of trade fairs to look at new equipment and follow trends in food packaging and processing.

I have a very good team so it’s fun to work with them and find solutions for all kinds of problems. Every day at work, there are new and demanding challenges and I like to have a certain amount of variety in my work. Working for Kägi is nice because we have a product that is very well-known and popular.

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