Inside the Kägi factory

See what happens inside the Kägi factory: discover how homemade chocolate, crispy wafers and an airy-light filling are all combined to make the classic Kägi wafer speciality. 

Homemade chocolate
In the wafer 'bakehouse'
The melt-in-the-mouth filling
The delicious chocolate coating
Ksq Qualitaet

Exquisite taste experience

An exquisite taste experience is our proof of the highest quality. And the recipe for this is our closely-guarded secret. The care and passion that go into the production of our delicious wafers and chocolate that have been made in the Toggenburg since 1934 are also decisive for their enjoyment. 

We select only premium cocoa beans for our chocolate and these are roasted at approx. 150°C for thirty minutes in our ball roaster. After having cooled and rested, the roasted cocoa beans are broken into nibs and ground into a fine cocoa liquor which is then blended with cocoa butter, sugar and milk powder to form a chocolate mixture. To help the chocolate attain the smoothest possible texture, the particles in the chocolate mixture are ground to a wafer-thin thickness by undergoing successive rolling in a chocolate refiner. 

Ksq Conchieren

One of the most critical steps in the production of chocolate is conching which is carried out in a longitudinal conche. A conche is shaped like a shell – the Spanish for which is 'concha'. It consists of the conch wheel, four troughs and four conching rollers.

The chocolate mixture is filled into these troughs and moved, aerated, but also warmed as the result of friction, for 48 hours by the driving motion of the wheel. This time-consuming refinement process, which is unique in Switzerland, helps to release bitter-tasting substances, allows the chocolate to develop its wonderful flavour and makes it magnificently smooth and silky. Only in the Toggenburg has this traditional method of making delicious chocolate, entailing much devotion and patience, still been retained. Quality, that immediately becomes apparent on being tasted.

Ksq Waffeleisen

Flour made from sun-ripened ears of wheat, milk powder and egg yolk powder as well as sugar are the main ingredients for our magnificent wafer sheets, the recipe for which Kägi proudly guards. 

It takes only a few minutes for the large waffle irons to bake the wonderfully-scented wafer sheets that also give Kägis their special crispness. This wafer expertise has been acquired over many years by Kägi, whilst the traditional production process has undergone continual refinement.